A new plate design in the works using a section of the silk screened slip I printed a few weeks ago.


A birch tree mug that I gave a friend. The interior matches the color of her teapot perfectly!


Silk screened prints with blue slip on newsprint.

silk screen

Prints transferred to wet cylinders, then shaped from the inside so that the pattern grows and recedes with the form. They are far from perfect, although I like the rustic, worn look of the surface and the creases where the paper didn’t quite smooth out. Hoping to get better at this with practice…

silk screen

A friend gave me this old 4-color silk screen press years ago, and I’m finally putting it to use. After watching Forrest Lesch-Middelton’s video about 20 times demonstrating this process, I’m just about ready to silk screen a slip on newsprint, which I’ll then transfer to clay.


Helping my niece throw her first bowl. Her comment: “There’s more to this than I would have thought!”



Monoprints with blue and yellow underglaze washes – experiments that may lead somewhere.



Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the Sweet Peas out there!

sugar bowl


Working on a new pattern – next time, I’ll thicken up the branches just a bit more.

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